Loutrakis Casino Hotel

casino3Loutraki, Greece Make your holiday a daydream …

Facing the Gulf of Corinth, between mountains and olive groves, thermal springs and azure blue, the hotel Club Loutraki palace tells us a land where the myth is part of history, where legends become reality. Loutraki station spa and spa known for its miraculous water located 80 km from Athens and 8 km from Corinth, the days, under the burning sun of the Mediterranean, are dedicated to the well-being, the idleness, the rest of the body and the ‘soul.

The nights resound with the effervescence of the party. Between myth and modernity, let Greece, its legendary heroes, its beauty of postcard make your holiday a daydream … An exceptional hotel Built on the model of the ships which proudly break the seas, the Club hotel Casino Loutraki is a Exceptional resort surrounded by extensive gardens, located by the sea, on the elegant bay of Corinth. With 267 rooms and 20 junior suites, overlooking the blue sea or the fragrant Mediterranean vegetation of the gardens, the establishment is a precious jewel with a private beach, several pools with fountains and slow rivers, a spa and state-of-the-art gym. The casino, passion, thrill, emotion in its pure state …

Welcome to Las Vegas on sea!

Complex dedicated to the game, the Loutraki Club hotel casino is the largest in Europe! Here everything from luxury places to taste for excess, gives the feeling that anything is possible. Black, Jack, Slots, Texas Holdem … Which game will you like?

The casino offers our customers many services: game coupons, refreshments, transport shuttles, loyalty programs and the famous lotteries of the casino. Try your luck, drop your ticket in the ballot box and win up to 1.2 million euros! The spa: relaxation of the body, awakening of the soul …

T.O CLUB – 96 Avenue Anatole France – 93500 Pantin

Tél. : 01 41 60 10 31 – 06 13 26 00 54 – contact@toclub.fr
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