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Thérèse Laskar

Because it is difficult to talk about oneself and because my only desire and my only pleasure, for the past 28 years, has been and in fact still is to put myself second to be able to help others meanin my loyal customers, many of whom have become friends now and this care for them has made my reputation. Today, it is to you, dear newcomers, that I am addressing. To you also my dear long-time customers, to say how much your confidence, your ever renewed desire to entrust me with the success of your most beautiful moments, those of your holidays, touches me and pushes me to always do better, always more and more to offer you a dream, a change of scenery and enchantment …


Some might say that vacations are ephemeral, that they are only a moment in the year that one looks forward to, on which one invests
a lot, emotionally, financially, but that does not erase the hassle of everyday life. To those I will answer, proud of this quarter of a century elapsed to propose to you of same the dream as me, that the holidays are much more than that. They are a moment of eternity and fulfillment, a welcome break, in the tumult of our lives, a few days too quickly passed, certainly, but whose memories forever engrave joy in our hearts, smiles on the faces of our children, emotions and energy in our souls and in our heads. What is taken is taken, it is forever part of us and it is this happiness, however fleeting it is, that I try, with relentlessness and enthusiasm, with all my energy to inscribe in your lives.

Together, dear customers, I have been looking after your children from the beginning of my career in the Shalom Leisure Colonies. Together, we discovered the South of France and its luxurious heavenly recesses, together we sailed on the shores of the Mediterranean, discovered the charm of Izmir and the mysteries of Istanbul, lived a homecoming by resuming in Tunisia, savored the feeling of being here the land of Israel. Together, we have combined work and pleasure at medical and dental conferences, enjoyed the warm sun and the cultural sights of Spain.


For 9 years, it’s has been in Greece, on the shores of the Gulf of
Corinthe, between century old myths and legends and the absolute luxury of a hotel complex, the Loutraki casino hotel-club, where you will fulfill your every wish, I have set my bags, full of dreams to welcome you. It is there, in this heavenly landscape, that the entire organization of the TO Club makes impossible things come true, on Pesach and in summer, to offer you moments of eternity. My dearest wish is to see you keep coming back. Like so many others before you did so.

And for Passover 2019 is the Hotel Plaza Resort that we will have the pleasure to make you discover.

“There everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness,” wrote Baudelaire with his poetic pen. It is with impatience that I am waiting for you, with all the team of the TO Club, in Anavyssos in Greece, to show it to you.

Sincerely ”

Thérèse Laskar


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